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Chroma Cards
Chroma Cards

Chroma Cards

Rules by: Varies from game to game
Artwork by: Brian Bollinger

Chroma Cards are a uniquely designed set of cards used to play many different games. They've even been designed so that color blind individuals can use these colorful cards without any problems in identifying the cards!

Simply play some of the many games that have already been published or use your imagination to invent your own games! For additional games visit where you can download all sorts of game instructions for free. Join the online community and even publish and share your games, too!

The starter pack includes:
  • Deck A

    • 1 set of 25 Base cards
    • 1 set of 6 Colors cards
    • 1 set of 6 Shapes cards
    • 1 set of 8 Action cards
    • 8 blank cards so you can design cards specifcally for a game you invent using Chroma Cards!

  • Deck B

    • 2 sets of 25 Base cards

  • Dice

    • 1 Chroma Colors die
    • 1 Chroma Shapes die
    • 1 6-sided die
    • 1 8-sided die

  • A rule book containing rules for the following games:
    You can download the rules from here to check out the games!

Here's an overview of the card design.

For now you can order the Chroma Chards starter set for just $19.95.

Price: $29.95

Individual Chroma Card items

Chroma Cards - Starter Set   (Deck A, Deck B, Custom Dice, and Rule Book) 29.95 Purchase

Chroma Cards - Deck A 11.95 Purchase

Chroma Cards - Deck B 11.95 Purchase

Chroma Cards - Set of Custom Dice 3.95 Purchase

Chroma Cards - Rule Book - An Introduction to Chroma Cards 4.95 Purchase

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