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This is our personal testimony. Jill and I are both Christians. In fact, besides playing games or playing with trains I'm also a pastor... a youth pastor to be specific. I work with students and their families at my church.

We believe that part of the goal of being a Christian is to share the amazing story of what God has done for us, all of us, with other people that may not have had a chance to hear it. If you're interested in what we believe as Christians please feel free to send us an email with any comments or questions. I don't claim to have all the answers but I'll do my best to find out what I can for you. I'm not putting the "gospel message" here because I believe there are tons of places that you can find it online.

What I want you to also know is that we believe Christians shouldn't just talk about what is right, but that we should act it out in our daily lives. It is on that belief that we are choosing to donate a percentage of our income to an organization called Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. I have personally checked out several organizations that help with humanitarian work. There are several good options to choose from. Based on our research, NCM has one of the largest percentages of giving that goes directly to the needed communities it helps. (or the least percentage of overhead).

Jill and I pay close attention to what other game companies are charging for their specialty games and we try to price our games competitively. We have not artificially raised the prices of anything in order to help fund NCM, rather we have chosen to earn less.

We hope that as you "Enjoy life" by "Playing some games" you'll also feel good about the fact that while you're having fun playing games you're also helping someone else that is less fortunate than you. And on behalf of the people you help, that will never know who you are or what you did for them, I would like to extend a great big heart felt "Thank You!"

Your friends,
Brian & Jill

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