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Slap Down
Slap Down

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Slap Down

Rules by: Natalie Goodwin
Artwork by: Brian Bollinger

50 Cards - 25 pairs matched by colors and shapes. Spread them across the table and grab the two dice, one for colors and one for shapes. Roll the dice and be the first player to slap both cards of the matching shape and color shown on the dice, then add them to your collection. Sounds easy enough, right?

Think youre ahead? Just wait! If the cards that match the dice arent still in the middle of the table then theyre around the edge, in somebodys collection. Other players collections still fair game! Protect your collection as you slap your opponents pairs away from them and into your collection.

Theres no Mr. Nice Guy in this all out player vs. player vs. player war to quickly identify and slap the pairs. Collect the most pairs and declare yourself the champion!

Price: $14.95

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