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Poop Deck Cards

Poop Deck

Also known as: "Hit the Deck", "Ship Captain", "Port and Starboard", "Captain's Coming" or other similar names.

Rules by: Public Domain

This is a twist on the classic game "Poop Deck". All of your options have been printed on cards to be easily called out, along with a complete set of rules for each action.

Mark your playing area with the three sections of your "Pirate Ship" - main deck, quarter deck, and poop deck. The Captain turns over the cards and reads the command. The crew members (everyone else) have to complete the action the captain reads as fast a possible. The slowest crew member(s) are eliminated from the game. This game is short, fast paced, silly, and lots of fun.

A great game for youth groups, summer camps, or other events with a lot of people. You could get away with playing this game with as few as 8 people but it works best in groups of 20-50 or more.

Price: $7.95

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