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Fan Card: [noun] a customized or personalized playing card created for a specific game by a fan of that game. In this case it is Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm.

Ever since the early days of playtesting the game Pie Rats, individuals have had many ideas for their own cards. To help accomodate these people we included several blank cards in the starter box of the game. But for some creative people that wasn't enough. Their cards were quickly used to make cool custom Pie Rat cards leaving them longing for more "blanks". We don't think anyone should have to limit their imagination to a specific number of cards so we are giving you the tools to create your own Fan Cards!

Usage Rights

This artwork is being provide for personal use only. Feel free to download the artwork and use it to create and print your own personalized Pie Rat cards. This artwork is NOT intended to be used commercially. As in, to produce your own cards that you then sell.


One of the fonts used to create the Pie Rat cards is Windlass. This font is available as a free download (for personal use only) from Dafont.com. Windlass is an all upper case font.

The other font used is Windlass Lowercase. This font was not available as a free download. This font can be purchased from Fontcraft.com.

Card Images

The card images are offered in .png format so that they will open in most photo editing software or can be placed as a background image in other types of software. These files should work fine with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, ...etc. These are flat files - meaning they do not contain editable layers.

The artwork shown on this age is a card that has been "trimmed down". The files you download have "bleeds" - meaning the artwork extends off the edge of the playing card. The typical poker card is 2.5" x 3.5". In order to have the background go to the edge of the card during the printing process you need to print past the edge of the card then the cards are trimmed down to size by the printing company. (or by hand if you are printing these off your home computer)

If you wish to have your individual cards professionally printed you can companies like The Game Crafter At companies like this you upload your card artwork, order the number of cards you want and they print your cards and send them to you.

Captain Cards
Captain Card - Back
Captain Card
Captain Card - Face
Captain Card

Crew / Charisma / Item / Action Cards
Common Card - Back
Common Card
Common Card - Crew - Face
Crew Card
Crew - Face
Common Card - Charisma - Face
Charisma Card
Charisma - Face
Common Card - Item - Face
Item or Action Card
Item / Action - Face

Pie Cards
Pie Card - Back
Pie Card
Pie Card - Face
Pie Card

Poison Cards
Poison Card - Back
Poison Card
Poison Card - Face
Poison Card

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